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    Welcome to Baga Sarahan

    The Final destination for tourism

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    Camping & Trekking

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Baga Sarahan-Nestling in the lap of Himalayas. Places to see


Camping is an outdoor adventure activity. Campers, the participants live in jungles, mountains and meadows by pitching up their tents. Spend their days and nights in tents.


Trekking a long adventurous journey undertaken on foot in such areas where generally transport is not available. Trekkers walk through the jungles, mountains and meadows.

Home Stay

Have a memorable experience at Baga Sarahan Homestay. Baga Sarahan Homestay is nestled in the foothills of mighty Himalayas, overlooking the snow covered mountains.


If you are looking for outing, for sharing nature with the spirit of adventure, for peaceful natural environment. Its all with in easy reach, then Baga Sarahan is your destination.

Points Of Interest